If you are the type of person who enjoys a journey of self-discovery, transformation and taking action A Guide to Living on Purpose is the book you.? Kim focuses on incorporating complex life challenges such as; challenge how you view the word, learning to manage your emotions under pressure, achieving your goals, forgiving yourself, the power in setting boundaries, identifying your values, the difference between accountability and fault and blame and much more.? At the end of each section Kim has incorporated practicing pages and journaling pages designed specifically to meet your individual needs. As you complete the practicing pages and implement your own discoveries, you will begin to notice the benefits of change in your life.? Kim sees herself as a messenger, your role is to implement the message in whatever way is going to serve you.? ?She provided the tools and then allowed me to discover my own path.? states?Annelise Brown, CEO and founder of Mialisia.? Becoming the person you were meant to be requires courage, courage to examine what works and doesn?t work in your life. The key is to then take acti