Suitable for any honors chemistry course, this text is especially suited to follow our ASPC text for accelerated high school sophomores. This text starts where Centripetal’s ASPC leaves off, with some fundamentals already under the belt: density, substances, and the periodic table. (Not covered those yet? Don’t worry. We have a supplemental booklet to quickly get students up to speed on those concepts. Ask about our Chemistry Supplement.) This text is for students who can move a little faster, who don’t need as many explanations, and who can handle a little bit harder exercises. Some additional concepts and chapters are included over our General Chemistry text making this a perfect college prep or STEM-strong option for charter schools, private schools, and home schooling contexts. From our "Textbook Philosophy" page: "Science and math education are in crisis nationwide. College freshmen increasingly need remedial classes before they can begin their college coursework. Educators usually take it for granted that students will not retain what they’ve learned more than a couple of weeks. Standardized tests govern the curriculum. And for years, the United States has been falling behind other nations in science and math. There are many areas that need to be addressed to bring excellence back to science and math education. Textbook design is one of them."