I invite all my fellow boomers and others who aren?t too attached to their current goals and demands to come with me into my dream for heaven on earth. If you can allow it, this could be your escape to reality and the news world the one of fantasy. These stories are a memoir and the events are true, even though while writing them down it all seems like a dream to me now. I have four books ready for your enjoyment or derision. If they are worthy of either then I will deem them worthy of doing. There are no good gals or bad gals in my books (maybe a few institutions). Mostly there are just good decisions and bad decisions. In the end even they turn out to be all right decisions. None of it is for sure for sure. The first book is in the past time. The next two are in mid time. The last ends in no time. My Aussie friend might say they are all in dream time. It?s all part of the river of life that flows around our source adding details with each circuit. It?s expanding in some mysterious way towards a broad human goal of fulfillment in self autonomy. We are planted, it seems, in the air. The seed sprouts, grow