It’s a common belief that we are born with an upward reach, a desire to grow and progress toward our potential and that we feel better about ourselves as we do so. Amelioration – moving into the field of love – explores pathways to inner enrichment, drawing upon themes that are common and universal to us all. With the practice of Mindfulness, together with the learnings of Life Coaching principles and the application of NLP therapy – the heart is brought back into the picture, offering a complementary means to handle upsetting thoughts and feelings. This methodology does not change the situation; it only changes our response to the situation. It teaches us to lessen the intensity of our emotional reactions so that we can function at our optimal best. Life coach, Neurolinguistic Practitioner, Pilates and Group Fitness Instructor, Kathleen Jerin had an earlier career working in medical administration after dedicating her mind and body as a full-time dancer in her younger years. While working with medical specialists Kathleen observed that patients receiving treatments and surgery each had a particular and profound story – a story that was not often being attended to or acknowledged in the course of their treatment. This realisation led Kathleen on a Coaching quest as she recognised a need to bring healing back into the body using all her knowledge through moving the body and exercising the mind – embracing the mind and body as a whole and complete field of love.