Do You Believe in Ascension? Ascension Training is a story about how personal ascension can be achieved. It is a fictional story, but it is not fantasy and could in fact happen in a similar manner. The basis for the book is the possibility that the planet Earth is currently ascending to a higher vibration. The corollary is that as the planet ascends so can people. This is a metaphysical book for those on a spiritual path. It is literally a guidebook for achieving personal ascension written in a story format. Johnny, the lead character, has a near-death experience at fourteen years of age and comes back to teach some fellow teenagers how to become an ascended master. Ascension Training is a valuable book. Many people today are interested in ascension and pursuing spiritual practices that can lead to personal ascension and helping the planet to evolve. If you want an understanding of what ascension is about and what you can do to prepare for it, then this is your book.