BREAKING POINT - THE LIFELINE TRILOGY? A Cyclist is knocked unconscious on his way home and wakes up in a nightmare... A devoted husband begins to suspect all is not well with his marriage... A desperate family man, running out of time and options, turns to an old schoolmate from the wrong side of the tracks - looking for work - any work... A young man's world is thrown into chaos as his father is abducted... Four tales of people pushed to BREAKING POINT. For 'The Loving Husband' - "Gripping, compelling and utterly nerve-wracking." - DLS Reviews. For 'Lifeline' - "More savage than Rottweiler on meths with its nads caught in barbed wire." - ?zombiekebab, Amazon reviewer. "One of the best novellas I've had the pleasure to read." - Duncan Ralston - Author of Salvage. "a sliver of sheer brutality and nastiness that is unbridled." John Boden, author of DOMINOES. "Power gets splatterpunk in a way that few do." - Bracken MacLeod, author of Stranded and Mountain.