Cayman Islands Environment. History, Politics, Business and Financial Management, Commercial Directories, Education, Society and Customs. Historians believe that the Cayman Islands was first frequented by Amerindians, the Caribbean?s first peoples who were superb mariners that traversed the entire Caribbean basin and had settlements in Jamaica. Politics:? So it is not surprising that politics is a hot topic among locals. While Cayman creates its own laws and has its own appointed government officials, the country maintains a strong relationship with the United Kingdom. With May 2017 being an election year for the Cayman Islands, Cayman Resident encourages readers to familiarize themselves with the history of the Islands and how Cayman?s government system is structured. Business: The Cayman Islands has a well-regulated and internationally respected, tax-neutral, offshore business environment that is both dynamic and responsive there are over 100,000 active registered companies here