Rick Lupert's 20th book and latest poetic travelogue takes you to the Big Easy, New Orleans, Louisiana?and environs where alligators were seen but not eaten, and cocktails were imbibed in the very spots they were invented. Filled with warmth and humor. Rick Lupert's latest book is the work of a poet at the height of his powers. Back on the road, this time across the American south, Lupert further refines his singular travelogue style with a delicate balance of reportage, recollection, and lyric introspection. Poems such as ?Flight Number One,? or ?Donut Famine,? the title piece of the collection, are downright hilarious. But reader, be prepared for ?When the Water Comes? a breathtaking treatment of the Katrina floods and their aftermath. Likewise, ?At Oak Alley Plantation,? may require a candle and the ear of a strong friend. More than an anthology of latest work, Rick Lupert has given us something rare: a complete experience. All aboard. ~ Brendan Constantine, author of 'Dementia, My Darling? As someone who has been living in New Orleans for ten weeks now, I can say with unwavering conviction that mast