A personal time with God is extraordinarily important for every believer, but so is good and deep study of His Word. In an effort to combine these two necessary facets of the Christian's walk, Dr. Deborah Waterbury has developed a devotional series done in verse by verse, expositional style, giving you both a compact, ready-to-use devotion as well as one that expounds on the Scripture. These devotions are sure to help you understand the bible better while helping you apply its life-changing words to your life. Take the time today and invest in making God's Word your treasure, instilling it deep into your heart so that the peace on available in Him rests soundly within you. Ephesians: A 90 Day Devotion is a production of DebWaterbury.com, a ministry dedicated to encouraging a deeper understanding of Christ as the Eternal Bridegroom to all Christian women through teaching, ministering, connecting, and facilitating discipleship in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.