Fight or Die? Victorious in a star-flung battle against the inhuman Horde, Earth?s fabled 9th Legion of Rome; the U.S. 5th Company?s 2nd Mounted Rifles; and a Special Forces anti-terrorist team settle on Arden, their adopted planet, to raise families and live in peace. But soon, state secrets are revealed: The greatest of the inhuman Horde didn?t join the battle, but yet lurk among Arden?s outer colonies, posing a grave threat. Humanity?s Ardenese defenders send a flotilla of ships to far Exordium, the world where the Horde outbreak began, with orders to reclaim the outer colonies? Exordium . . . where the Horde awaits . . . where the cream of Arden?s fighting force must engage this adversary of unrivaled power? As worlds are sundered, suns destroyed, and star systems obliterated, a universal conflict proves again that? Death is only the beginning of the adventure. ?