Dan Haloutz spent? over 40 years in the Israeli Defense Forces. He was the country's 14th Air Force Commander for 4 years and served as the 18th Commander in Chief of the Israel Defense Forces for a year and a half. ?Haloutz stepped down after the 2006 Lebanon War, at the height of public scrutiny regarding the war's outcome. Dan Haloutz shares his fascinating life story; beginning with a modest childhood on Kibbutz Hagor to his elite positions in the Israeli Army. ?His writing is candid in its depictions and includes self- introspection as well as the examination of high-ranking officers and political figures. During the War of Attrition, as a young pilot in an elite unit flying a Phantom airplane, he witnessed the loss of his beloved Commander, Shmuel Chetz (z"l) when he was hit by an Egyptian anti- aircraft missile. During the Yom Kippur war he flew with the elite unit "The One", which suffered more casualties than any other unit in the Air Force. He continued in his role surviving the shocks and surprise that came with victory ? albeit one with heavy causalities. In the following years, Haloutz climbe