Fossils: Description & Interpretation is a fossil guidebook written within a biblical worldview. This worldview interprets most fossils as being?evidences of a single, year-long, cataclysmic event that took place on the earth some 4,500 years ago (The Genesis Flood). These fossils have great value today because they are a reminder of, and proof of, God's judgment, power, and grace. With proper understanding, fossils are of extreme worth to Christians and help to explain the Holy Bible. Nearly 250 fossils are described and interpreted in light of the author's "Eighteen Facts of Paleontology." Invertebrate animal fossils, vertebrate animal fossils, plant fossils, trace fossils, living fossils are all described and interpreted. Includes 240 full-color photographs and artistic sketches. Most of the fossils are from the author's personal collection. Glossary, collection index, living fossil index, subject and name index, endoresement and author biography. Author is J.D. Mitchell, P.E., MBS creation science writer, speaker and researcher. This is his sixth non-fiction book on the subject of origins.