Richard?s Foundational Teachings of Christianity is a book about the most basic doctrines that should form the foundation of Christian belief. These teachings should make the basic elements of every church?s beginner?s class.? In his years as a bible teacher, Richard has found that the spiritual foundation of a believer ? the things that are deposited in the person?s life immediately after he or she has become a Christian, are so crucial; they determine the strength of the base that later years come to build on. Yet so many ministers, instead of using scriptural and time tested materials go for all types of alternatives; physiological needs, popular fads, psychology, denominational doctrines etc, and needless to say, they end up with spiritual-life structures that are not strong enough to endure the test of time. The aim of this book is to help bridge such gaps. Using Hebrews 6:1-2, Richard shares the six foundational doctrines of Christian belief: Repentance from dead works, Faith in God, Instruction about baptisms, Laying on of hands, The resurrection of the dead and Eternal judgment. The doctrines or te