I would consider my life fairly ?normal? and routine until 2014.? It?s as though three bombs dropped in the center of my life starting in January.? On January 9th, my sweet Mom passed away suddenly from a brain aneurism.? On February 8th, my neighbor?s dead tree fell on my house during a storm.? On March 11th, I was diagnosed with lymphoma.? The journey that followed is documented in my manuscript titled Gather Your Tribe.? When I was first diagnosed, one of my doctors said, ?Kathy, I know you?re used to being the Mom and taking care of everything, but now it?s time to gather your tribe and accept the help.?? So, ?gather my tribe? is precisely what I did!? I emailed my tribe regularly throughout my journey.? My first email was a heavy one.? I told them about my very deep, horrible fear of chemo.? I asked them for their honest opinion about what they believe they would do in my situation.? They made me realize that I, at least, needed to try it.? That helped me tremendously because I then realized that I always had the power to change my mind if it was too awful.? Much to my delighted surprise and relief, che