How God Captures the Imagination This book was previously released with the title, Myth Became Fact: Storytelling, Imagination & Apologetics in the Bible. Brian Godawa, Hollywood screenwriter and best-selling novelist, explores the nature of imagination in the Bible. He explains how God subverts pagan religions by appropriating their imagery and creativity, and redeeming them within a Biblical worldview. The sea dragon Leviathan, the Storm God and others are examined within their Biblical context to draw out the spiritual meaning. Improve your imagination in glorifying God and defending the faith. Here are the Chapters and what you will learn. Demonizing the Pagan Gods God verbally attacked his opponents, pagans and their gods, by using sarcasm, mockery and name-calling. He called them what they really were: demons. Demonization is not wrong if they really are demonic. Old Testament Storytelling Apologetics Israel shared creative images with their pagan neighbors: The sea dragon of chaos, and the storm god. The Bible invests them with new meaning. Biblical Creation and Storytelling Creation stories