This book is about two women who took an unusual road trip, ala Thelma and Louise, only this road trip is about a system taking down this country economically, politically and geographically. The author journeyed across the country and visited 17 Indian reservations from Washington State to New York, capturing direct testimony from farmers, tribal members, teachers, bankers, sheriffs, and all manner of folk who live within the historic or actual boundaries of Indian reservations. The stories captured were  stark. The folks speaking felt they'd gone unheard for decades. The author promised each of them that their story would be told and offered anonymity to anyone who needed it, but no one wanted anonymity.   The original purpose of the journey was to produce an 88-minute documentary, but the people interviewed and the stories told were so numerous, that 88 minutes fell short. So, the author transcribed the actual words from 130 hours of video, and recreated the journey for the reader. Please remember that this book only addresses 17 of the 565 federally recognized Indian tribes, and leaves it to the reader to imagine the full impact occurring across rural America, and now through tribal casinos, seeping quickly into urban America.