This practical guide, filled with handy links to exercises, really challenges our notions of what happiness is. The idea, held by many, of it being about pleasure, is torn down by the author?s brutal logic and honest disclosure of personal experience. Instead we find that happiness is more akin to freedom, liberation from our judgements and attachment to outcomes, as well as compassion and generosity to others. For those who are seeking more happiness in their lives, without drawing on religious or spiritual texts, this book is an invaluable resource. Anyone who has suffered from addiction, anxiety, depression or PTSD knows that deep unhappiness and dissatisfaction can infect every aspect of our lives, dragging us down and making recovery more difficult. 'Happiness in Recovery' delivers a simple plan of action that will actually make you feel better? It examines the mechanisms behind toxic, reactive thinking and provides a number of practical exercises to train the mind, increase focus, deal with stress and increase happiness. The 7 simple steps are universal, non-sectarian, easy to understand and benefici