Have You Seen My Frog: ?Haz Visto A Mi Rana? is a hilarious bilingual story about discovery, relationships, and an attempt?to solve a problem when the clues provided don't seem to make sense. When Duck went to the pond with Auntie Duck, she found a frog. She set him down for one tiny second and the next thing she knew, he was gone!? Everyone Duck talks to points her in a different direction. WHAT is going on?? And where, oh where has Duck's little frog gone? While Duck searches for Frog, Auntie Duck settles in by the pond to enjoy the afternoon--unaware that she is just a few hops away from a big surprise. This?story in English and Spanish contains hidden layers of information that readers will discover as they read it over and over (and over) again. It also reinforces learning about opposites--left and right--and includes a glossary of English and Spanish words at the end.