Healing the Heart has been designed specifically to help facilitate profound relaxation, healing and transformation. This unique book leverages the power of mandalas along with the meditative qualities of coloring and the reflective aspects of journaling to help you uncover an abundance of joy, a deep sense of purpose, and a multitude of healing possibilities.  Inside you will find 21 powerful mandalas to color, each with their own journaling pages, prompt questions and gratitude section – all created to help you get the clarity, insights, connection or healing you desire right now.  This is not just another coloring book. It is a comprehensive exploration into the potency and power of your thoughts and the truth and potential of you. So if you are ready to take your healing and your life to the next level, the Universe is calling.   About Mandalas: Mandalas have been used throughout history and across almost every civilization as an aid to meditation. It is believed that their concentric design symbolizes a map of the Universe and can help one to access progressively deeper levels of the unconscious to heal patterns of illness or disharmony at their source.  Shamans and ancient healing practitioners utilized mandalas to create “sacred spaces of healing” for those who came to them, and their geometric designs were used to help align a person with their truth, potential, and possibility.