The Third Edition of Heat Transfer offers complete and up-to-date?coverage of heat transfer?with an?emphasis on on problem solving. Integrates software to assist the reader in efficient?calculations. Carefully ordered chapters and well-crafted explanations assisted by realistic examples?render this textbook more reader-friendly and accessible to both beginners and experts. Offers an extensive introduction to heat exchanger design to enhance the engineering and design content of courses to satisfy broad engineering accreditation requirements. This text also includes uniquely detailed treatment of condensation and evaporation processes as well a problem-solving methodology for?radiation exchange with both diathermanous and?participating media.?Includes more than 900 examples and exercises, plus?extensive tables of material properties.?Coverage includes: elementary heat transfer, steady one-dimensional conduction; multidmensional and unsteady conduction; convection fundamentals and correlations; convection analysis; thermal radiation; condensation, evaporation, and boiling; and heat exchangers.?For professional