Life for sixteen year old Savannah Franks has just been turned upside down. Her Mum?s business has failed and they?re forced to move into a maisonette in the rough end of town. She doesn?t want anyone to know her dire situation, not even her besties. So when the rest of the money for the school ski trip is due she can?t be seen not to attend. Everyone is going! She just needs to find a job. Add that to the list of getting a boyfriend and losing her pathetic virginity. But working every spare hour in a job she hates on top of school work and mounting secrets doesn?t prove easy. Soon she?s keeping so many she?s not even sure herself what?s true and what?s not. The only person she can lean on to tell the truth is her best friend Heath. Only?did he get hot recently? That won?t make things awkward between them?right?