HIDDEN MICKEY 3: Wolf! The Legend of Tom Sawyer's Island Volume 3 in a series of action-adventure mysteries about Walt Disney and Disneyland written for Adults, Teens, & Tweens (age 10 & up). Flesch-Kincaid Grade 5.0 - Flesch Reading Ease 81.4 WOULD YOU TO BREECH THE FABRIC OF TIME TO SAVE WALT'S LEGACY? How far would you be willing to go to save your life?as well as the potential future of your boss, Walt Disney? Would you put your life in the hands of a mysterious security guard named Wolf who seems to have uncanny abilities that reach far beyond the realms of logic? Wolf has dedicated his life to guarding his boss Walt Disney. Little did he know how far-reaching that dedication would extend. WOLF TIRELESSLY TRIES TO STOP A MALICIOUS VILLAIN Dr. Claude Houser, a doctor and scientist employed by Walt Disney, finds his life and Walt's future threatened by an unknown blackmailer. Wolf sends Disneyland cast member Wals Davis to aid the doctor and a damsel in distress. Wals now finds himself in a bizarre?yet strangely familiar?setting where time moves differently and things that occur in the present seem t