Lucifer Eve and Adam is a sweet, delightful, love-story romp through the Garden of Eden. Inspired by the incredible Mark Twain?s Eve?s Diary, this "absolutely true" and "completely honest" fantasy of Creation transforms the dark and distorted myth of the subordination of women and the shame of original sin into a brand new narrative that reflects the joy of life, the strength of equality and togetherness, and the power emanating from the very first story of love. When the actual existence of the human race is threatened by Eve and Adam's refusal to mate, The Creator orders her #1 angel-in-training, Lucifer, to earth to solve the problem.?But with the clock running out on Eve?s fertility and Lucifer?s own profound fear of intimacy impeding any progress whatsoever, it?s going to take more than a miracle for the inept, bumbling angel to bring the apparently incompatible and far-too-human Eve and Adam together. Like many actual stories of love in the real world, this new fiction of the world?s oldest romance is a true comedy of errors wrapped around a strong theme of free will. Providing a fresh perspective on