This is the Large Print edition. Blessed are the engineers who give us?some answers to life?s little perplexities! When a faithful homemaker makes a home with an old aerospace engineer, a surprising paradigm develops. The 98-year-old stress physicist gains a recalcitrant chauffeur and cook, yet he sets out to teach a few of his own life lessons, namely how to live forever.Eccentric as an old goat hanging from his toenails off the cliff's edge, Mister B's short stories prove he could care less about being politically correct.? That's not Mister B's style.Can these mult-generational housemates discover why they still matter? Find out now, for a celebration of full life.PRAISE FOR MISTER B: "Wow! What an amazing, delightful book! "A first-class example of a man from the Greatest Generation. We see almost of a century of tremendous mechanical and technological changes through the eyes of - literally - a rocket scientist."? - Christine "...Byk fully constructs Mister B from the Rhode Island coastal awe in his voice to his penchant for mustard on a peeled egg. In these small, perfectly executed moments, Byk bring