Once again award winning author Steve Reedy shares his far-flung whimsy, delightful prose, and unique humor in this second installment of his short story collections for kids. As you journey through each fable, Reedy?s engaging insight and quirky imagery will leave you feeling elated and inspired from the trip. Each imaginative and charming story reflects timeless themes that are both highly entertaining and help build self-esteem for kids, and adults can?t seem to get enough of too! Here are some of the interesting characters you?ll love meeting as you journey through this book: Jordy Fin discovers he can change his world with a thought, and he learns just how powerful thoughts can be.? Katie awakens to find that her town has been asleep for years, and she begins waking people up to ask: ?What is real and what is a dream?? Max is having trouble fitting into a town full of nutty people, until he discovers a hidden connection that he shares with everyone.??? James lives in a town run by a giant clock, and he sets off on a journey to stop time. Piper must face a hoard of pink fuzzy bunnies to save herself