This stunning collection of beautifully illustrated books about colour will charm children, teachers and parents alike. Children will love exploring the magic of colour in the world around them through simple rhymes and vibrant illustrations that bring the words to life. Perfect for bedtime reading, this collection would also be a valuable resource for any early childhood classroom, and could provide a springboard for children to create their own pictures, rhymes and even books.The author, Sue Tredget, is a language teacher living in Western Australia with her husband, two boys, and her cavoodle, Ellie, Inspired by the spring flowers while on a walking holiday in Spain, Sue began composing rhymes in her head and dreamed of writing books for children. She is passionate about encouraging parents and children to share the joy of reading and never wants to lose touch with her inner child.The illustrator, Diana Kelly, is passionate about introducing art to children. She has run numerous workshops in Western Australia and assisted with many more across Australia over the years. Her unique illustrations capture the enthusiasm and curiosity of childhood."A wonderful collection of books that will capture the imagination of young readers." Amanda J Spedding, author and editor"These stunning colour books with gorgeous retro illustrations and clever rhymes will captivate children and transport parents back in time, evoking happy childhood memories. I love them!" Cristy Mellody, Primary School teacher and mother of three.