It’s Not All About ME? - One Woman’s Struggle With Brain Fog & Wading Through Treacle Alison felt that her life was perfect. She had an amazing husband, had just stepped back from a stockbroking job in the City of London after 12 fulfilling but tiring years of commuting, and was extremely excited about her new role as a mother.  Just 16 months later however, all her hopes and dreams came crashing down around her when she was widowed and later diagnosed with M.E. ‘My Reason and ME’ is a book that chronicles Alison’s journey to struggle with brain fog, wade through treacle to manage her symptoms, and seek a cure despite having been told that there was none by the medical profession. With a young son who needed her, Alison did not accept non-recovery as an option and the diagnosis opened a new chapter in her life; a time of struggle, discovery, perseverance and ultimate recovery. ‘My Reason & ME’ is a tale of individual pain, courage, determination, and the ability to adapt to change. It isn’t only a memoir; it’s an inspirational story of transformation as well as a useful resource for those suffering with burnout, fatigue and depression. Alison says “Like me, many people are told, when diagnosed with M.E., that there is no cure for the condition and ultimately they are sent away with very little facts, no guidance and more importantly no belief that they could possibly recover. I am proof that it is possible to not only be well again but to live an even more fulfilling, happy life than before.’ Noticing that there are more support groups to help sufferers to remain with this condition than there are people giving them the tools they need to recover has given Alison a mission, to deliver the knowledge she gained, through her recovery, to others, and she hopes that ‘My Reason & ME’ will be an inspirational resource for those suffering from the effects of 21st century living. The author of ‘My Reason & Me’, Alison T Smith, effectively places the reader in the moment by interspersing the main story with interesting facts and famous historical events, making it more vivid and engaging. Whilst extremely sad at times, the story is ultimately uplifting. She gives an insight as to why people may suffer with low energy levels, burnout and conditions such as M.E./C.F.S. and depression, as well as what can lead to recovery from these types of conditions. It is clear from the story that it wasn’t just one thing that led to Alison’s recovery of M.E. but a collection of changes to her lifestyle. Alison was born in the East End of London and for 12 years had a career in stockbroking. In the years since, she has qualified as a Master Practitioner of NLP as well as being trained in Reiki and Hypnotherapy, and stood for election as a County Councilor.