Our identification with limited notions of who we are is at the roots of the present global crisis. We have forgotten our intrinsic Wholeness. The time has now come for a new paradigm of development. When we awaken to wholeness and live and work from a space of love, creative intelligence, freedom, and peace; we become instrumental in manifesting joy, peace, and abundance in our life and in the collective. This astonishingly simple and universally accessible discovery will transform lives in miraculous ways. This book is for women and men dedicated to loving action and service?..for all who want to make a difference and need guidance on how to do it. It is for Leaders in Business, Students, Teachers, People in Public Governance, NGOs and all agents of change. This book was written so that we may all reclaim our Wholesomeness. The ?work? of the authors is to be instrumental in receiving, expressing and spreading new learnings and insights given by life. Will you awaken to Wholeness, and allow this clarity to guide your thoughts, words and actions? Are you a person who is called to join Hearts and Hands on