Thomas Graham was born on the wrong side of the tracks in Gateshead in 1939. He never knew his real father but his mother did her best and life wasn?t too bad until George, his violent ?new father? arrived on the scene.?Tom describes himself at the time as "an impotent pygmy pitted against a powerful evil giant". Things went from bad to worse and it wasn?t long before he was sent to St Gilberts approved school, run by Christian Brothers, who tortured and brutalised him and many others, for no other reason than to slake their sadistic thirst. ?Beat the child to save his soul? was the school?s motto. It was during this time that he found he excelled at sport and, in particular, boxing. All his opponents were ?George?, against whom one day he would get his revenge. At the same time Tom discovered literature and found he had a natural aptitude for writing. Fuelled by excesses of alcohol, however, crime increasingly became a way of life and he spent approximately 35 years in a variety of criminal institutions, rubbing shoulders with some of the most dangerous criminals of our times: Frank Mitchell, the mad axe