Inspiration for Rat-a-Claus Rat-a-Claus was inspired by a story my father had created for my sisters and I when we were little.  In my father’s story, Santa’s sack was becoming full of coal and sticks for the bad little kids so he needed help to make room for the presents for the good kids.   “Rudolph thought of the one animal that could get in and out of a house quickly, someone who knew where lots of coal and junk could be found, and someone who liked to do mean things… Rata Claws.” I hope my version of Rat-a-Claus will teach a new generation, young and old, to be good, mind your parents, and be kind to your siblings because your behavior matters, even when you think no one is watching!  I would also like to thank my daughters, McKenna, Brooke and Kaitlyn for drawing their versions of Rat-a-Claus and allowing me to include them in the book!  Awesome job, ladies!