We have a Christmas/Winter season feel to this issue. Throw another space* log?on the fire, open a bottle of fine space* brandy, tuck into a juicy space* mince pie and enjoy a particularly cinammony issue of?Shoreline of Infinity. Stories by: Michael F?Russell, Bo Balder,?Gregg Chamberlain, Florence Vincent, Hannah Lackoff, Victoria Zelvin, Dan Grace, Katy Lennon, Russell Jones Interview by Gary Dalkin: Steven Palmer? Poetry:?Grahaeme Barrasford Young,?JS Watts Column: Ruth EJ Booth SF Caledonia by Monica Burns:?Annals of the twenty-ninth century; or, The autobiography of the tenth president of the World by Andrew Blair Book Reviews: Empire Games by?Charles Stross The Augur?s Gambit / The King?s Justice by?Stephen Donaldson Thirty Years of Rain edited byNeil Williamson, Elaine Gallagher and Cameron Johnston Heart of Granite by?James Barclay The Hatching by?Ezekiel Boone Savant by?Nik Abnett ? *space insert your favourite science fiction reference here.