When a long-time friendship dies, will murder follow? Decades past junior high, Caroline Batzer is suddenly snubbed by her best friend. At first confused, she's later stunned to learn Sarah Leigh betrayed her in a way she'd never have suspected. In an all-too-public setting, Caroline airs her anger at the woman everyone else in town considers saintly, and when Sarah disappears soon afterward, it appears that Caroline murdered her. Desperately she tries to figure out who else could have done it--Sarah's philandering husband? Her useless son? Caroline's nightmare is just beginning, because those responsible for what happened to Sarah come after her, and they won't stop at just one murder. Somehow it ties in with Bay View, the historic community near Petoskey, Michigan, but Caroline might not have time to figure out how. She's running for her life, around and even through the sinkholes of northern Michigan. Aside from a helpful herd of elk and the one person in the world she'd rather not associate with, Caroline has only herself to depend on.