Twins from Exhortation Valley:Some people wish to have everything in life, and this is what Sara wanted - just everything in life. Some people always envy what others have. They see themselves in the reflection of other people.  Saira envied what her twin had and ignored her blessings. Fate took the twins to Exhortation Valley to make them realize what happens when we get everything in life and lose the blessings that we already have.A Peculiar and Rackety child:Abdul Jalil is a boy eager to try out different things. He sets out to experience everything. Things go well until he deviates from his mission in life and he ends up in a mess. Trying to find a way out, at last he finds that in life ‘being human is being everything.’An amazing family's holiday adventure:This family arranges a holiday game with a difference.  Stepping into the shoes of their parents, the children's role-playing game opens their eyes to the difficulties of being a parent.