?He was the lad who did it twice, tricked the Devil by a roll of the dice. . . . He goes by the name of Stingy Jack, with a turnip lantern in hand to light his way through the black.?For immortal soulcatcher Buck, acclimating to newfound freedom in 1934 Chicago would have been impossible if not for the selfless actions of Charlie Reese. Now separated from his mortal friend, Buck accepts a new mission: to save the Shepherdess, whose unclaimed soul will soon stand trial in his old world, Euxinus.Buck must find the Shepherdess? beloved, the infamous Trickster Stingy Jack, and convince him to testify on behalf of her soul. Furthermore, Buck must ensure Stingy Jack is worthy to stand as her witness. It?s no easy feat; Hades, sworn enemy of Stingy Jack, threatens to thwart Buck?s mission at every twist and turn in hopes of seizing the Shepherdess? soul?and the secret she holds?for himself.Set on a whirlwind path that leads him on an odyssey across the American Midwest, Buck must rely on untested skills while being ever-mindful of his dangerous surroundings as he prepares himself for his return to the dark, desolat