Email, the system I invented in 1978, while a 14-year-old boy, to enable collaboration and communication among office workers at a small medical college in Newark, NJ, has now become the center of many controversies. For their 125th Anniversary issue, The Wall Street Journal commissioned me as email's inventor to write a brief essay entitled The Future of Email. That article shared what email really is and where email is heading. More recently, The New York Times interviewed me to comment on Hillary Clinton's use of personal email server to manage classified U.S. government communications. In that article, I shared that the use of a personal email server was extraordinary, wrong and clearly a well-planned strategy by Ms. Clinton to deny the American public's rightful access to communications that were government property. This book is a much-needed expansion of those thoughts and comments to provide you important insights to where email is going and why you as citizens must take action to protect this important medium, which has been subverted by vested interests. I believe with all sincerity and without hyperbole you should listen to what I'm going to share, as I am not only the world's leading expert on this subject but also have a historical and political perspective that will enable you to realize that if we do not act, our freedom, which has already been compromised, will suffer even more greatly, in a future where Have's and Have Not's will be defined by the level of security they have to their email communications.