Venice/Africa 1446 Only revenge can make Barnabas whole again.Dependent on opium and driven by anger over his former mentor?s appalling treachery, Barnabas leaves his beloved Alys in Venice and sets out for Africa on a quest to find the lost Kingdom of Prester John and ultimately, the man who deceived him. When the expedition takes a deadly twist and loyalties are questioned, he realizes that Alys is the only one who can help him.Angry and devastated over Barnabas?s recent betrayal, Alys finds comfort in her painting but as the few securities of her confined life crumble around her she faces a desperate choice. Saving Barnabas becomes the greatest test of her life.The Quest of Hope is a vividly portrayed historical romantic adventure that will keep you turning the pages to the very end. If you like tensely plotted historical novels filled with intrigue then you?ll love the Renaissance Sojourner Series.Praise for the series: ?story-telling at its best? ?Fast-paced and moving?