From USA Today Bestselling author Kelly McClymer comes a tale of two lovers who refuse to be parted... Lady Emily Wertherly has been locked away ever since she tried and failed to elope with Valentine Fenster. Two failed engagements later, Emily, still in love with Valentine, finds herself promised to Lord Granbury. Valentine has proof of a dark secret that Lord Granbury wants to keep hidden. He knows he?ll be shot if he shows up at the Wertherly estate, but his love for Emily won?t let him rest until he knows she?s safe. Will these star-crossed lovers prevail or will they be sundered forever? ?This story takes ?locked in a tower? to a whole new level. Can Emily escape? You?ll have to read the story to find out.? ? Anonymous ?Hidden identities and over-controlling adversaries add depth and intrigue to this Victorian romance. A fun read!? ? Arianna Marie Golden ?