The Two Realms of Life is a short guide to comprehending the true nature of life in this world and the hereafter.  The modern, materialistic milieu in which we live inclines us to see ourselves as intelligent and talking biped mammals evolved from apes.  The essence of humanity – the spiritual soul – has lost its significance, and therefore action and behavior are gauged in respect of their impact on a falsely envisaged worldly wellbeing.  Our wellbeing in this world, however, is tied to our eternal wellbeing as spiritual creatures, as taught by all of God’s prophets and all divine religions. The Two Realms of Life is a short compendium of the recorded sayings of Jesus Christ and Prophet Muhammad and his twelve noble successors – the greatest saints and sages of Islam – that shed light on how we must envisage and lead our lives.  The crux of the book is to seek our eternal wellbeing by living a healthy, lively, and spiritually rewarding life in this world of bodily existence.