Meet Justice, a half-black, half-Filipino goddess whose appetite for a quick dollar is insatiable. Having moved from Chi-town to Charlotte, North Carolina at an early age, Justice and her younger brother, Monk decide to take the streets of the Queen City by storm. All is well, and their hustle is fruitful until Justice's ex-boyfriend, Carlos (a vicious drug dealer), is robbed and all fingers point toward Justice and Monk. Subsequently, a war ensues between Monk and Carlos' clique of dealers and killers. No one is exempt from the bloodbath! Life begins to spiral out of control for Justice, and she swears off hustlers and is determined to find a guy with a legitimate job to settle down with. She meets JT, a handsome businessman who becomes her every fantasy. JT rescues her from a deadly and cruel world, and Justice thinks she has moved into a safe haven, only to find out that she has actually landed in a snake pit! She decides that her only escape is to leave Charlotte behind altogether. However, this may leave Monk with no one to watch his back. Justice refuses to leave without punishing all those that caused