The intrepid time-traveler TJ Cockrell is back! But this time it’s to rescue his girlfriend, Samantha. Sam’s been blasted into the past by the green book. All around her she sees people stampeding in terror. A White House across the way looks like a shell of the famous building she’s seen on TV, internet, and magazines. What the devil’s going on? Samantha is catapulted into a fantastical journey. Meanwhile, TJ discovers Sam’s been sent into time. But where? When? Trusting the green book, TJ is hurled back, too. Yet Sam’s nowhere to be found! His own adventure lands him a prisoner of war in Spanish Florida, a captive participant in a bloody attack on a U.S. fort, a member of Jean Lafitte’s pirate crew, and a day watchman for a New Orleans jailhouse. Meanwhile, TJ’s dad arrives home. Finding both Tege and Sam gone into the past, he must go after them. The chase is on! He lands as a soldier in General Carroll’s militia in Tennessee, who’ll face intense fighting at the center of Jackson’s line in the Battle of New Orleans! Three travelers.  Twisted trails. Will they crisscross before the climactic clash?