There is a reason why people run when no one is chasing them. Worse than that, there is a reason why so many (especially in the inner cities), are poor, displaced, and destitute. This book shares a real life story of the author. Not only does this book explain why people run when no one is chasing them, but it warns?Pastors and government leaders, false prophets/prophetesses about the imminent wrath of God coming upon them for, not only the practice of sorcery by divination/ witchcraft, but for their oppression and destruction of the lives of individuals through using it. Note that not all pastors and government leaders are guilty of this sin; however, many are. The book also encourages the prey who are oppressed by these entities, with the good news of God?s deliverance from the fears and illusions caused by these wicked practices; the fear and illusions that cause one to run when no one is chasing them. God is calling for the repentance of those who teach false doctrine, and who practice these detestable practices, causing mental despair and physical displacement in the lives of millions of individuals. Th