THE QUESTION: ?WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?? (WHIGO?) How do we deal with the confusion that arises in life, especially with other people? Is it possible to decrease the confusion that causes the question to arise? How do we get the lasting, stable happiness we all seek? OUR SECRETS: What are the experiences we all share as humans? Why is it that we keep our own experiences secret? The idea is to make these secrets, our shared human experiences, known so that they are secrets no more. By doing this any feelings of being alone and isolated can be decreased. SOME ANSWERS: Can we find the lasting, stable happiness we all seek? How can this be attained? What are the obstacles that get in the way of attaining a lasting, stable happiness, and how can we overcome them? This book seeks to help us understand what causes our confusion and suffering, what we all share as human beings, and how to attain the lasting, stable happiness we all seek through understanding the obstacles to happiness and the path and methods to overcome these obstacles.