What?!!  Go to a dance?  With a girl?!! When the large flower appeared in front of Julian’s face, he thought the girl was checking to see if it matched his light blond hair—he ran into that a lot.  Not this time: he had been tagged to attend the Sadie Hawkins Day Dance. This was the latest obstacle in his secret strategy to gain the love of his life.  It had to be secret: in 1962, life for a gay boy could be especially risky.  Rule 1: pretend you’re normal; rule 2: evade the bullies; rule 3: keep busy. Mark Schaefer, Julian’s scoutmaster—the center of Julian’s romantic bulls eye—had problems of his own.  His recent promotion at work, combined with a growing personal need to get out from under his past had his full attention.  With reluctance, he allows a colleague of his wife to be his guide and mentor. Then there’s Randall… a new friend, or a complication? Eldot, author of the critically acclaimed Julian’s Private Scrapbook novels, presents a new and hilarious chapter in Julian’s poignant story: his first year of high school.  Again, he weaves a comical tapestry for a very serious subject: who are these boys who get bullied?  Eldot gets inside the heads of the characters and shows how they should be accepted and celebrated for who they are. “Humor is one of Eldot’s strong suits; he has an impressive capacity for penning farcical, innocently disastrous moments.” [Kirkus]  The pre digital world—when a milkshake cost 25 cents and Playboy was sold under the counter—lends charm to the subject, and allows a frank and honest treatment of same sex discovery and activity.  “Well-written, with engaging, likable characters, this book skillfully presents the challenges and pleasures boys who love men face in growing up.” [BlueInk]